[13515] Twitter •• Trans •• Yonghwa “I’m so romantic” words for Jonghyun birthday

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Twitter
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[Trans] The day to celebrate for Jonghyui kk The birthday will be over soon… kk Everyone let’s celebrate it, too! kk Jonghyui… I’m so romantic… I’m waiting, oh… my birthday… June 22.. kkkk Just kidding, totally celebrating for you!!!!

종혀이 축하한대이ᄏᄏ이제 곧 생일이 끝나지 만… ᄏᄏ여러분도 축하 해주세요! ᄏᄏ 종혀이… 나 이렇게 로맨틱하니깐… 나 기다릴게…내생일 .. 6월 22일이디..ᄏᄏᄏᄏ장난이고 완전 축하 해!!!!


Cr trans: @CNBLUE_4

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